Fort Dauphin



Surfing is part youth culture in Fort Dauphin. beautiful beaches fringed with foam surround the town and 2 or 3 surfing schools train children to surf on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the Galleon Bay, more commonly called, the Ankoba Bay.
Several spots are renowned for surfing, beginners should prefer to take lessons or renta long board with Samson on the Ankoba beach, while the experenced surfers can "ride" the waves of Bishop-bay, by south winds and Vinanybe by eeastern-blowing winds.
Lavasoa provides surfers with weather information and guides and/or vehicles to get to different spots. Please contact Lavasoa for additional information. For enthusiasts, Surfing "Trips" can be organized to Lavanono, one of the best waves in the South.
Surfing in Fort Dauphin
Surf course with Samson
Surfing in Fort Dauphin


The Fort Dauphin region has an average of 300 days of wind a year. Its wide bays, with or without waves, and its lake system for speed makes it THE kite site of the Island.

It is still reserved to experienced kiters (there is still no kite school in Fort Dauphin), with shipwrecks, Ehaola, Lokaro, the Galleon Bay, Lavanona and beaches among its many playgrounds to be discovered.

For lovers of secluded beaches, beautiful rolling waves, doing "jumps" in a crazy landscape with the Pic St. Louis as a backdrop, then Fort Dauphin is the place for you. Come and see us at Lavasoa. Kiters and surfers are given special discounts for accommodation and a guide is provided to set the sails, a cheap car to get to different spots, weather and wind news, smiles are a bonus!
Kitesurfing in Fort Dauphin
Kitesurfing in Fort Dauphin
Kitesurfing in Fort-Dauphin