Eric and Cyril are happy to give on-site information of various walks to take on rocky granite headlands around the Camp Pirate.

VIt is possible to hike to the lighthouse at Cape Evatraha, visit the ITAP fishing village passing through the pirate cove, or simply enjoy the pleasure of being alone on a white sandy beach, sheltered from the wind after a hour’s walk. There is something for all tastes and ages.

Lokaro Bay Nepenthes in South of Madagascar Lizard in South of Madagascar

Snorkeling enthusiasts can also dive with snorkel, maskand fins and swim within a rich variety of corals in the small Isaloatra lagoon (island opposite Lokaro that can be reached by foot on a sandbar covered with water). Fishing lovers should bring their snorkeling equipment and fishing lines. A freshwater lake can be reached by land throught virgin mangroves.

Fisherman in pirogue Snorkeling in Lokaro Zebus in Lokaro


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